12 Cold Email Templates That Will Generate Warm Leads for Your Sales Team 

by Ayhan K. Isaacs in November 8th, 2021
12 Cold Email Templates That Will Generate Warm Leads

While sending a sales email, you as a sender have two particular choices. You can either send a bland and unattractive email, or you can send an email that has exciting and engaging content for the lead. Creating a perfect cold email is quite challenging and mastering this technique can take you to great heights and lead to personal and professional development. 

You must create content that is friendly and engaging to the receiver. Again, the CTA (call to action) within that email should be crafted in such a manner that it does not pressure the person to act upon it. Instead, it should be inviting and meaningful so that the receiver would feel eager to move forward.

Today, writing emails has become a cakewalk, thanks to the internet that has many cold sales email templates to help you out. These templates are ready to use and can be put in place with ease. You can create attention-grabbing emails with them that are sure to generate healthy leads. This way, you won’t just meet your sales target, but you will also level up your personal and business growth.

Personalized content is always better than borrowed content. Hence, consider taking ideas from the templates available on the internet, but avoid copying the whole thing and forwarding it to the lead. The person to whom you are sending a template-based email might have received similar emails, maybe a hundred times in the past. To stand out from the crowd, you need to be creative and unique. The more personalized the content is, the better the chances are of your pitch getting accepted. A cold email works as a structure to the whole deal you are going to crack eventually, and this proves to be the base of your pitch. Gradually, you would need to figure out the various methods to make the deal possible.

How Do You Write a Warm Lead Email?

Writing a proper warm lead email is something every marketer wants to or should master. This indeed helps them generate fresh leads and get their job done successfully. So here are some steps with which you can construct an inviting email that is sure to get a reply.

How Do You Write a Warm Lead Email?

1) The Subject Lines Should Be Interactive:

The subject lines for cold emails are the first line of the presentation. This is what every recipient sees in the first place, and then they move on to opening the whole email. Half of your whole effort should go into constructing this part of the email. An intriguing subject line that explains just the right amount of content is always welcomed by the recipients.

Create your subject lines so enticingly that the reader wants to go through the actual mail body. Try to personalize the subject matter in every way possible to ignite the reader’s interest even more.

2) There Should Be a Tempting Offer:

The CTA in your email should be simple yet definite. A steady and successful monthly run rate is something to boast of, and mentioning this success to your upcoming clients can make your offer even more palatable. Your past success counts, and it should be highlighted to enhance your caliber. The offer in your email should come with relevant and authentic statistics to make it look more realistic.

3) Your Copy Should Feel Personal and Natural to the Readers:

Avoid being too formal while constructing emails with a sales pitch. This indicates that you are trying too hard, and the chances of that email getting rejected go up significantly. Instead, maintain a friendly and personal tone that seems natural and inviting to the reader. 

Try to align with the thought process of the buyer and think with their perspective while writing. This would automatically give you content that is more natural and friendly. Always give the email a final read before sending it to ensure a friendly and welcoming tone.

4) Your Assertions Should Be Supported by Social Proof:

Risk is the most significant factor in sales and marketing. No one wants to be the first client of a company that shows no experience. Hence, attaching your past works with other clients in the email always helps build the required professional persona. Mentioning the success of your past works in the email decreases your risk of rejection and increases your chances of success.

You can mention a case study of your previous customer to help the new client understand how you work and deliver results. This allows the prospect to analyze your capabilities and hence makes them interested in working with you.

How to Use Cold Email Templates Effectively?

To effectively write a cold email, you need to follow some essential points. Following these points effectively can help you create high-quality emails. There are also essential things to avoid when crafting your cold email. Only mention the necessary points and highlight things that can intrigue the receiver. This creates a solid impression and encourages the reader to do the CTA (call to action). 

How to Use Cold Email Templates Effectively

Here are some crucial points that you need to avoid in order to utilize cold email templates effectively and successfully.

1) Do Not Overload the Mail Body with Ideas or CTAs:

Avoid confusing the reader. If you mention too many ideas, important points, or CTAs in a single email, the reader would be confused more often than not. The result would be your email getting rejected. 

Instead, stick to one basic point or idea. Add relevant points to that particular idea instead of lining the email with multiple points. Even if you are adding a CTA, make it relevant to the basic point. Sticking to a particular topic in your email will keep the readers connected, and the chances of your offer getting accepted go up substantially. You should avoid clumping up your email body with the following:

  • More than required themes within the email
  • Unnecessary claims that are not related to the main idea
  • Multiple CTAs

2) Avoid Making Lengthy Emails:

Making your email unnecessarily lengthy will never grab the prospect’s attention. Instead, they would be lost within the words and won’t figure out the main aim of the email. Moreover, they would not want to read an epic from someone they do not know or have not worked with in the past. To get your lengthy email read by your recipients, you would need to develop trust. You would not want to add irrelevant points and boast about anything. Clogging the email with useless information can make it even lengthier.

Keeping the length of the email in mind, consider the following steps to craft an email that is perfect and concise to start a conversation with your prospect.

  • Explain the value you and your job role add to the organization.
  • Clearly explain the offer you are making without nagging about it.
  • Prove how your work has benefited other organizations in the past.
  • A clear call to action for the recipient.

3) Do Not Boast About You or Your Company:

One of the main rules of cold emailing is to not boast about yourself or your company much. Too much boasting or talking about yourself can take the customer away from you due to frustration. Instead, use effective points to highlight the prospect’s problems. Suggest points on how you can help them out of their problems and benefit them.

Don’t forget to give a final check to the following points:

  • Your emails should not lack adequate words for the prospect’s problems and grievances, which shows empathy and increases the prospect’s chances of reaching out to you.
  • Explain the features first. Benefits come only afterward, when the features are used to the maximum and the final plan is executed. 

4) Avoid Making the Email Too Fancy:

Fancy emails may seem to be too needy and spammy to the reader. No matter if your emails are well customized, fancy emails are always a red flag. Beautifully crafted emails often seem unnatural and uninviting to the reader.

Consider checking the following points before sending them out:

  • Adding too many visuals to the email can often be boring as well as disturbing. Create a balance of copy and visuals in your email.
  • Avoid using generic language to address the points in the email. This can put the reader off. Instead, use personalized language depending on the type of prospect.

5) Do Not Add Unnecessary Fluff and Jargon:

While sending an email that aims to pitch a sales idea, you need to be assertive enough. Indeed, constructing a friendly and assertive message can be difficult, but there are ways to create them. Often people miss out on opportunities when they concentrate more on thinking about what the receiver would think about them.

If the prospects don’t know you, they will know it is just a trick to sell your products and services. Hence, they tend to close up when you send them an email that contains way too much soft language. Thus, while explaining your points and pitching the sales idea, be assertive but in a positive and nonaggressive manner. 

Instead of using weak phrases like “Sorry to bother you,” simply explain your ideas or use phrases conveying value and directly getting to the point. Softer language wouldn’t change their mind. If they aren’t interested at all, softer language won’t help you.

6) Do Not Write Like a Robot:

Your emails should look and feel natural and have a humanlike touch in the emails you send to your prospects. Bombing the emails with generic points and information can make the email cold and unattractive, which can turn the prospect off and decrease the chances of success.

Write personalized messages based on your marketing instinct and the information gathered about the prospect. This method is quite effective since it highlights the problems and requirements of the prospect and elucidates their importance.

7) Avoid Using Too Many Special Characters and Emojis:

Using too many special characters and emojis can seem childish and informal. It wouldn't help crack a deal because it looks unprofessional. You must use special characters only when necessary, and that too only at the right place in the content.

Maintain a constant flow of words. It keeps the reader interested and naturally explains your point better.

8) Avoid Making Spelling and Grammatical Errors:

Making too many spelling and grammatical errors can be disturbing, sloppy, and unprofessional. Spelling and grammatical mistakes question the integrity and professionalism of the sender and easily put the reader off.

Here are some recommendations for checking if your writing is accurate before sending your cold email out.

  • Read the whole email aloud so that your brain checks and registers every word you have used.
  • Run the entire document through an online spellchecker to detect any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Ask one of your colleagues to proofread the whole email to make sure that everything you wrote is on point.

12 Best B2B Cold Sales Email Templates:

Here is a list of the top 12 best cold email templates that you can take ideas from to personalize your mail before sending it to the prospect. These templates are tried and tested and almost guarantee you success. Make sure to personalize the email carefully, depending on the prospect and their interests.

B2B Cold Email Template 1: Tying Your Email to a Recent Event

This is the most effective cold email outreach template. It shows that you have not run a mass outreach campaign and are seriously interested in connecting with the prospect. It shows that you have thoroughly gone through the company profile and have highlighted a certain point related to the company. This increases the chances of your pitch getting accepted since you researched the company and noticed crucial points about it, which were difficult to discover otherwise.

Cold Email Template 1: Tying Your Email to a Recent Event

B2B Cold Email Template 2: The "Better Way To" Email

This method, too, highlights the fact that you have paid some attention to your lead. In this template, you highlight a single and major issue that your client is facing while scaling new heights. You then suggest and pitch ideas about how you and your company can help them overcome that particular issue and run more smoothly.

However, this idea needs timely execution to get accepted. Thus, you would need to constantly analyze and research that lead.

B2B Cold Email Template 2: The "Better Way To" Email

B2B Cold Email Template 3: The Praise-Picture-Push (PPP) Formula Email

This is one of those cold email sales templates that include some flattery and then pushing for your idea. It is a genuine method of convincing your lead how your ideas can help them even more. 

  1. You need to praise and compliment your client for a particular achievement they have accomplished in recent days.
  2. You need to paint a picture showing your lead how your services can help them rise and shine over time.
  3. You need to use words that would encourage and push them to take action and use your services.
B2B Cold Email Template 3: The Praise-Picture-Push (PPP) Formula Email

B2B Cold Email Template 4: The Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Formula Email

This cold email template is one of the easiest methods to connect with your prospects. Through this method, the lead is given three scenarios by the service provider:

  1. The provider explains a picture of life without their service.
  2. The provider provides a picture of how life can be easier with their service.
  3. The service provider describes a scenario where the recipient can get from the condition before to the condition after.
B2B Cold Email Template 4: The Before-After-Bridge (BAB) Formula Email

B2B Cold Email Template 5: The Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) Formula Email

This template specifically highlights the problems faced by the prospect across various aspects. Since these hindrances can be annoying, frustrating, time-consuming, and costly, they are highlighted initially. The emphasis on these problems is followed by the proposed solutions for the recipient, leading to the smooth processing of these problems.

The Problem-Agitate-Solve (PAS) Formula Email

B2B Cold Email Template 6: The Star-Arch-Success (SAS) Formula Email

In this cold email format, first, a “star” is introduced, who is essentially another person and one of your past clients. The “arch” describes the star’s journey: how he faced or is facing a problem that may be similar to the one that your potential customer is facing. Finally, “success” explains how the star overcame all these problems with the help of your services. 

This is a template where you tell a short story to explain how you perform and help others with their problems.

 The Star-Arch-Success (SAS) Formula Email

B2B Cold Email Template 7: The Competitor Satisfaction Email

This email template explains to your client why you are better or different from your competitors in the market. You need to be very precise about comparing yourself with others and make sure you do not bad-mouth your competitors, which is crucial to your professionalism. Instead, craft your words in a particular manner where you prove yourself superior and eventually attract your prospect.

B2B Cold Email Template 7: The Competitor Satisfaction Email

B2B Cold Email Template 8: The Valuable Resource Email

In most scenarios of B2B sales, you would need to establish trust first and then move forward. Not all prospects will agree to arrange for a meeting right after you introduce yourself. This template helps extensively in this scenario. This template allows your services to constantly appear on the prospect's radar while they are in their research phase. You need to time these emails to perfection to land in the right spot.

The Valuable Resource Email

B2B Cold Email Template 9: The Relevant Question Email

Questions are a great icebreaker during B2B sales emailing. Remember that asking generic questions would never help. Instead, go for questions related to your lead and the problem they face. If implemented correctly, it works in the following manner:

  • It implies that the message you convey would not require much commitment and time.
  • It intrigues the reader, thus assuring you a reply.
The Relevant Question Email

B2B Cold Email Template 10: The "You've Been on Our Site" Email

This is only applicable when the prospect has paid a visit to your website. Most people use this template after signing in to some application that notifies them when a lead visits your website. The interest they have shown, along with the attention, works as the fuel to this email. A well-composed email from this template works like magic and guarantees you a reply.

The "You've Been on Our Site" Email

B2B Cold Email Template 11: When You Are Unsure Whether You Are Emailing the Right Person

This email template is not much used. You can use this template to email someone that you are unsure about, whether that particular person is the right fit or not. This scenario has 50-50 chances of getting a reply since the person might be the wrong choice too. The only way to increase chances is by giving a solid introduction and explaining your services.

When You Are Unsure Whether You Are Emailing the Right Person

B2B Cold Email Template 12: The "Up to You" Email

Cold emails often pitch ideas in a way where you encourage your prospect to take action. But through this template, you hand over complete control to your prospect’s hand. They can decide whether they want to take any action or not. This neutralizes how you push the prospect to take action and subsequently increases the chances of getting an answer.

The "Up to You" Email


Templates are always helpful and come in handy when you are not yet savvy in doing something. Cold email templates can play an important role when you are writing a cold email for B2B sales. You can access thousands of cold pitch email templates online today. They may open a wide range of ideas for you to write cold emails and execute your email campaigns successfully. All you need to do is determine the type of your prospect and personalize your email accordingly. Remember to take only the structure from the templates and not the content. Staying genuine and honest increases the chances of getting accepted.

Hence, if you are looking to connect with your prospects the right way, don’t hesitate to take help from a template created to improve and maximize your outreach.

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