Must Needed Skills to Become an Inbound SaaS Marketer

by Ayhan K. Isaacs in March 10th, 2022
Must Needed Skills to Become an Inbound SaaS Marketer

It’s a common belief in the SaaS industry that if the product is good, it will sell itself. While it stands true in some aspects, you cannot underestimate the importance of having a skilled sales team besides you. It plays a significant role in growing your business. The SaaS marketers have specific skill-sets that help boost and grow the existing businesses. 

Your business might start achieving high sales and faster growth, but it is incomplete without an inside sales team that is required for closing more deals

The inside team will attend to the potential leads directly, and their skills would determine how easily the customers get convinced with your products or service. The right team will add value to the product and boost its sales. Also, it will be able to meet the customer requirements pretty quickly. So as a SaaS marketer, you need to possess certain skills.

What is inbound SaaS marketing?

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Inbound SaaS marketing is a business methodology used to attract potential leads and customers by creating valuable content tailored to them, with an aim to stand out in the fast-growing market. It is based on three main factors:


With the right content, the Inbound SaaS Marketer can attract the right audience. The audience finds the content relatable and engages with it. All this helps the brand to establish itself as a trusted source online with an ideal online customer base.


Here, the interested leads will put forward their thoughts and insights. They will share their problems and will wait for your solutions. It is the best time for the brand to solve their pain points and help them associate with you.

Engage with your audience


At this point, the customers will be satisfied with their interaction with you and might choose to be loyal. You can also extend your help and support them to remain associated with your brand going forward. It would be best if you can be consistent in keeping them satisfied for a long-term profit.

Benefits of inbound SaaS marketing for the business:

The SaaS marketing strategies are directly aimed at modifying the modern buying processes. Businesses can draw multiple benefits by having active SaaS sales. Here are some of the top benefits:

Sales are aligned to the Buyer’s Journey-

In previous times; the methods were less streamlined and colder in nature. As a result, they could not be as effective as they needed to be and were also very expensive. But with the advent of inbound SaaS marketing, the strategies have become more innovative and can draw more sales in less time.

Sales are Not Adversarial Anymore-

Now; the salespeople do not aim at closing the deals permanently. Instead, they try to understand the journey the buyers are exposed to. They guide the customers more in contrast to luring them to buy.

Everything is Holistic-

SaaS marketing takes a holistic approach towards sales, marketing, and customer relationships. There is no fragmentation, and the techniques are more efficient. As a result, buyers get more awareness and can take decisions wisely.

What are the skills required of a SaaS growth marketer?

Let’s take a look at the key skills of SaaS Marketers that help in successfully running the inbound marketing initiatives. 


The SaaS marketer must have the essential basic marketing skills along with the knowledge of several other channels that are closely associated with the marketing field. They should have one or two in-depth specializations.

Data Analysis:

This is yet another important skill for any SaaS marketer entering the industry. It requires good command over examination, interpretation, and auctioning of data. Being strong with data helps the marketer to understand how effective the campaigns are and help them study the fall or growth of the trends.

Quantitative Modeling:

This skill helps SaaS marketers to make future projections based on specific historical data. They would use this skill to develop new strategic models, assess what results it will be drawing in, which activities to pursue, and so on.

Front-end Development:

The basic front-end coding skill is beneficial when you want to adjust the user experience and run tests to optimize their interaction. The working knowledge of front-end development will make it easier for the marketers to make design changes as and when required. 

Engineering Awareness:

Not just marketing, the marketers also need to have sound technical knowledge. This will help the teams to synchronize better on future project planning and scope out the necessary technical requirements.

Engineering Awareness

Product Management:

Marketers need to spend a considerable amount of time understanding the product and its journey. They need to know every single aspect of the product, and they must have all the pointers highlighted while the projects are being planned. If the marketers are good at product management, they can easily communicate the progress of the project with the stakeholders.

Customer Experience:

This is a relatively broad aspect of the skill that covers all the possible interactions that the marketers have with the customers through emails, social media platforms, or the website. The marketers must be capable of coordinating all these interactions with the respective departments, ensuring complete customer satisfaction from start to end.

User Experience:

A marketer must actively appreciate the change in customer behaviour and interactions with respect to changing designs and user experiences. This will help them understand their customers better and make amendments accordingly, leading to better KPIs. Acknowledging what the customers want and extensively communicating with different teams and even customers will help in creating an amazing user experience.

Thus, mastering all these skills is imperative to becoming a successful inbound SaaS marketer. With growth marketing playing an important role in taking business operations to next level, more SaaS companies are building their marketing teams to get a competitive edge. Skilled marketers are making businesses efficient and helping them achieve higher KPIs while focusing more on acquiring and retaining loyal customers. Hence, the focus should be on acquiring essential skill sets and heading towards progress.

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