How to Improve Click Through Rate of an Email?

by Ayhan K. Isaacs in January 12th, 2022
How to Improve Click Through Rate of an Email?

Marketing through personalized emails has emerged as one of the most effective ways to increase customer reach. However, it requires a good email marketing strategy to work for you. It is more than writing advertisements, putting keywords, and entering your card details. If you want the sales and inquiries flowing in, you need to keep a close eye on the click through rate of the emails you send. This term is not as simple as it sounds, and there are a lot of factors that go into having a successful click through rate.

But before we go deep into how to improve click through rate, we need to know what click through rate is and how it benefits. So here’s a quick explanation of the entire process.

What is Email Click Through Rate?

If you want to sell your products and increase your website’s reach, you need to attach your website link in the email that you send to your prospects. With that in mind, an email click through rate can be defined as the percentage of prospects that click on the provided link in the email and get redirected to your website. 

What is Email Click Through Rate

Quite naturally, the click through rate is a crucial matrix to determine the effectiveness of the email you send to your prospects. It also determines the level of personalization required to make that particular email and the attached link compelling enough to attract the prospect's attention and visit your website.

While sending the right and personalized email is important, having the prospect click through it moves both parties a step closer to converting. A high click through rate indicates that the emails you send are convincing enough for the prospects to check your website out and know more about your products.

How to Calculate Click Through Rate?

With the help of an email marketing tool, you can easily calculate click through rate. These tools help you with essential insights on the number of emails you have sent and the number of people who have clicked on the link redirecting to the website.

To calculate the click through rate, divide the number of clicks on the link by the number of emails you have sent. Now multiply the answer with 100 to get the percentage of clicks on your email campaign. Here’s the formula for it:

Email Click Through Rate (CTR) = No. of clicks on the link ÷ No. of delivered emails x 100 

How to Calculate Click Through Rate?

How to Improve Click Through Rate?

A good email click through rate is essential to boost conversions and grow your bottom line. So you need to be on point with the email you send. It should convince the recipient to click through and visit your website.

Here are some quick points on how you can improve the click through rate.

1) Set a Clear Aim:

Experts suggest that having a single and definitive aim per email is ideal. Dumping too many CTAs or Call to Action in a single email can confuse the recipient and they might ignore all of them. Hence, try to accommodate only one CTA for maximum click through rate. Having an overload of choices for the recipients can derail them from the actual aim, which can greatly impact your overall click through rate.

Set a Clear Aim

2) Have a Compelling Call to Action:

As soon as you set an objective in mind, the call to action automatically becomes compelling. To have a solid call to action, keep the following points in mind:

  • While you design the email, make sure it ultimately leads to a single call to action.
  • Write in a manner that suits the thought process of your target audience. Make sure they relate to it.
  • Test whether the redirection is working correctly.

3) Differentiate Your Audience:

Differentiate Your Audience

The concept of "one size fits all" does not suit email marketing methods. It could tremendously go wrong if you avoid personalizing the content for your target audience. Consider differentiating your target audience into segments based on certain parameters. It would ensure you send relatable content to each one of them, which in turn offers you a healthy click through rate.

Here are the parameters for segmenting your target audience list:

  • Demographics
  • Purchase history
  • Online presence and click throughs
parameters for segmenting your target audience list

4) Personalize the Message You Send:

Prospects would be highly attracted to emails that are interesting and relates to the issues they are facing. Personalization is the weapon that you can use to reach your target. The overall relevancy of your email and its attractiveness automatically increases when you personalize its content as per your target audience and base it on different categorization parameters mentioned in the previous point. A recent study revealed that there is around a 28% spike in click through rates for personalized content compared to the ones that are not personalized.

Tips to Improve Click Through Rate:

The click-through rate is a critical factor in keeping track of your campaign's success and the deals you would ultimately crack. As a salesperson, you should always look to improve the click-through rate. The higher the rate, the better it is for you.

On that note, let us look at some essential tips that you can follow to improve the overall click through rate.

1) Devise Fresh Ideas:

As a marketer, developing new and fresh ideas are key to keeping the prospect logged in and interested. Your email marketing templates and content should always look new to attract prospects even more. Boredom is your biggest enemy, and you would not want to enforce it on your prospects since seeing the same content over and over again can be monotonous, which can decrease your click through rate substantially. 

 Devise Fresh Ideas

Keep refreshing the ideas with your templates and content to keep the overall campaign lively, and the prospects hooked. 

2) Create a Sense of Urgency:

If you manage to create a high sense of urgency within the recipient, the chances of having a higher click through rate are evident. A great way to create that sense of urgency is by adding a countdown timer along with a call to action, denoting the end of a particular sale or offering on the website. These elements are attractive to the prospect, and the chances of clicking down to the website are pretty high.

3) Add Testimonials:

When you display your popularity, it plays a subtle psychological trick in the mind of the reader. They would get easily convinced about the services you provide as soon as you start adding customer reviews and testimonials. You can also add the number of followers or subscribers on your social media platform to showcase your popularity even more. It not only builds the recipient’s confidence in you but also forms a base for trust-building.

4) Highlight the Shortage:

Highlighting the shortage of stocks or anything you are short of is a real issue that can concern the recipient. The fear of missing out is genuine, and they would be more than ready to click through and reach the website to get the product or information. If you are technologically inclined, you can also add real-time statistics about the stocks. This would give the prospects a more realistic perspective and encourage them to engage more, thus increasing the click through rate.

5) Reach Out to Non-Openers:

With the help of a powerful email marketing tool, you can easily find out who all are opening the emails and who all are not. In that case, consider reaching out to those who have not opened the email you sent initially. A recent study about email marketing shows that when a particular message is resent after it has not been opened, the chances of its opening increase by around 50%. Thus, there is no harm in giving another shot and resending the unopened email. It would level up the overall click through rate.

6) Make the Emails Device-Friendly:

Design the emails in a manner that they can be accessed through all devices. When you make the emails device-friendly, the click through rate increases automatically since the same link will be clicked through on multiple devices. Moreover, this system makes the emails interactive and accessible on the go.

Make the Emails Device-Friendly

7) Keep the List Updated:

Consider cleaning the email lists regularly and removing the sleeping prospects. These sleeping prospects are the ones who have not replied to even the resent emails. Clearing them off the list will keep you updated on the active ones. If you continue to send the emails to the sleeping ones, it can hamper your stats, doing more harm than good to you.


Since increasing the click through rate is the main aim of any salesperson, this guide would help you achieve the same. The tips and tricks provided here are suggested and tested by experts and are sure to skyrocket your engagement. It would be even better to use a powerful email marketing tool to track regular insights and get outcomes based on every step you take.

So next time you send an email campaign, don’t forget to incorporate these key points to increase your CTR.

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