The Complete Guide To Generating Leads on Your Landing Page

by Ayhan K. Isaacs in December 22nd, 2021
The Complete Guide To Generating Leads on Your Landing Page

Landing pages have proved efficient in driving traffic to business websites. They are very easy to create, and you can publish them in minutes with the help of multiple landing page creators on the market. The only tricky part is developing and designing a page that converts inbound traffic into leads, which is a real struggle. Brands struggle if their messaging, copy, or branding fails to pique their target audience's interest despite high traffic numbers. Hence, this article will discuss the best ways to get quality leads on landing pages that will convert and bring you sales.

What is a lead generation landing page?

lead generation landing page

Lead generation landing pages are specifically designed pages that are used to collect personal information from the visitors by encouraging them to fill a form and establishing contact points to create as many leads or prospects for the business. It differs from the click-through landing page and comes in a well-crafted, targeted, and solid format with a suitable call to action that can get almost anyone to submit their information. 

Landing pages are designed to maximize the interactions between the visitors and your page, eventually leading to conversions. It eliminates all the distractions like competing links, alternate options, etc., to capture the visitor's undivided attention.

For this, landing pages collect the following personal information:

● The first name and the last name of the visitor

● Their telephone number

● Their email address

The best part about these pages is that they can be managed altogether. You can record metrics around their individual conversion rates and can experiment accordingly to improve their effectiveness without the need to update your entire website.

Reasons to use landing pages:

If you have not yet got enough reasons to develop a landing page for creating leads, we will give you more.

1) Easily generate qualified leads:

Having a landing page is undoubtedly the best and the easiest way to capture and qualify leads. Creating one is easy, and publishing it is super easy, so you can do this in a rather flexible manner.

generate qualified leads

2) Increase marketing opportunities:

Landing pages can significantly increase the marketing opportunities for your business. It can benefit you both within your website and across your online advertising.

3) Control effectiveness:

You can easily manage the content of your page and control and improve it according to the need of the hour. For instance, you can instantly improve the effectiveness of your offers and other deals and discounts without having to update your website. 

4) Improve online advertising effectiveness:

With landing pages, you get the benefit of matching your page's content to your advertisement, reinforcing your visitor's mission, and providing them with a suitable call to action that would take them closer to their goal.

5) Chance to deepen the engagement:

Landing pages can also be used to initiate perfectly timed email nurture sequences containing suitable offers or educational content to deepen the communication with scope for dialogue.

11 Tips To Generate Leads On Your Landing Page:

These landing page lead generation tips will help you bring positive changes in the conversion ratios.

1) Pay attention to your design:

Design is crucial in driving conversions. A rough design won't instill any confidence within your target audience. If you genuinely want to increase the leads, you will have to work hard on your page design. Your landing page design should be attractive enough to capture the attention of your prospects. It should be clear and straightforward. An impactful design can be made by harmonizing the theme colors, differentiating the titles of the paragraphs, playing well on the shapes and symmetries, and letting the text breathe.

Pay attention to your design

2) Work on your call to action:

The call to action requires your serious attention always, especially in the case of landing pages. This is the element that triggers your audience to take successful action. There can be many actions like subscribing to a newsletter, availing of free trials, buying the services or the products, reserving a service, or filling a registration form. In short, the call to action is an amalgamation of what your business proposal is all about and must be highlighted using a sales pitch.


3) Look after your forms:

When it comes to landing pages, the form is the last and the final step to it. It will help you know if the audience visiting your page is happy about the experience. So make sure your form pops out from the rest of the page. You can go wild with colors, but ensure that it resonates with your brand. Also, the visitors must understand your value proposition well from the form. Create forms that will only ask for minimum and essential information from the visitors. Include more buttons and checkboxes in the form because nobody likes to write a lot. Don't forget to optimize the forms for the mobiles too, and A/B test them. Also, do highlight your benefits there.

4) Add testimonials from (real) customers:

Adding social proof to your lead generation landing page will make it more authentic and trusted. So always include customer testimonials on your page to make it more impactful. It will reassure that the visitors will get back to your page again. It will be even more effective if the testimonials are from real customers and are displayed using harmonized colors with the right texts. It allows more time to discover the content.


5) Highlight your offer's benefits:

It is common for businesses to write about what they usually do, but they miss out on how their offerings can benefit the customers. When the visitors are exploring your page, they want to know more about what will change for them. It is the right opportunity to highlight the benefits of your offerings. You can formulate your offers in the form of sales pitches, and it will effectively convince them to choose you over others.

6) Create limited offers:

Brands use multiple tricks to expedite their conversions. One of such tricks is to create offers that are valid for a minimal time or quantity. This will supposedly make a fictitious deadline in the audience's minds, and they will be tempted to avail it at very short notice. Highlight these offers creatively, creating a sense of urgency in the visitor.

7) Pay attention to your conversion funnel:

A conversion funnel keeps a close eye on the visitor's actions and, therefore, includes the whole process that can make a visitor a lead or even a customer. Create relevant conversion funnels from your acquisition channels to your landing pages. For example, you can create a Google AdWords campaign that targets specific keyword for which the landing page is also optimized. You can also go with a Facebook advertisement that targets a particular segment and directs to a landing page optimized for that segment of customers, and so on. However, ensure your marketing message remains the same throughout the conversion funnels for maximum conversions.

8) Be bold- create a page for each customer type:

Different visitors will visit your landing page, and all visitors can't be the same. So creating separate landing pages as per different customer segments is the way to go. This lead generation strategy will help you reinforce your authority on the customers' minds and create endless possibilities. Personalizing the user experience will make you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, develop pages adapted to the different segments. 

optimize landing pages

9) Do A/B testing to improve your conversion rate:

You cannot run anything without testing how it will benefit your business and customers in different ways. A/B testing will help you quantify the performance of your landing page by comparing two different versions of the same page. Here, page A is normally called the control, and page B is the variant whose performance is measured. The A/B testing tool will help you understand which page performs better, and you can then implement the same accordingly to get potential customers on the landing pages.

ab testing

10) Enable social media sharing on your landing pages to spread the word about your content:

Adding social media plugins will help visitors share the link within their network. To generate leads, you can choose one or a combination of many and see the rise in visitors on your landing pages.

11) Focus on the right keywords, synced with your advertising campaigns and on-page call to action:

The right keywords can draw massive traffic from the search engine to your website. So choose the relevant keywords and try to sync them organically throughout your landing pages. This will also help you rank your website higher organically.


By now, the landing page's purpose must be clear to you. So make better landing pages for everyone as every visit counts. Use these tips and tricks to optimize your pages to suit different customer needs and see your sales growing in the right direction.  

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