What is Omnichannel Outreach and how can it help your business?

by Ayhan K. Isaacs in August 15th, 2021
omnichannel outreach

Have you ever asked yourself what is the future of sales?

It is an interesting concept to think about.

Will everything be done with AI? Will BDRs become redundant?

Buyers are getting smarter and know how sellers are prospecting them. Each acquisition channel has its advantages & disadvantages.

After analyzing all the technology and trends. I think we are going to use a mix of tools and technology to gather insights. But a human will be the one to deliver that value across different channels. (...at least for B2B).

What is Omnichannel outreach?


Omnichannel outreach is the act of reaching out to your audience through a variety of channels. It's not just about email anymore, but includes social media and other channels as well. The idea is that you are engaging with customers on all levels, which will lead to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction. There are many benefits for using omni-channel outreach methods in marketing campaigns including increased brand awareness, lower costs per conversion rate and higher customer engagement rates. It's worth exploring different strategies for achieving your business's goals.

Have you ever sent a cold email to someone, and had it go unanswered? You probably felt like the worst person in the world. But when you think about it, that's just one channel of outreach. When done right, omnichannel outreach can be an unstoppable force for your business. 

I talk about my experience of working with one client to book sales meetings using cold emails. The campaigns were not converting and over the course of 6 months he tried google ads, facebook ads and pretty much every other marketing channel to drive revenue but nothing materialized! 

Finally I ran an experimental campaign with the idea to invite prospects to do a webinar chat and book a meeting to do a pre-planning call. This produced amazing results and he was able to connect with executives at Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and  KPMG, and other billion dollar companies. He leveraged webinars, LinkedIn and Youtube to build a content machine to drive awareness and iterate on his process to get results using fewer resources. 


What should be the approach?

Growth Rhino’s approach to outbound is extremely different and diverse compared to other agencies. It’s not just about going out and launching campaigns or asking for a meeting. We want to understand the persona, what are their pain points and identify what’s the best path to hook them in to book a meeting. There are a number of different ways to do it but the only way to find out is if you experiment with your messaging & methodology. 

A lot of companies are trying to have an omnichannel  presence to create a more streamlined customer experience... but aren't sure how it will work for their business. 

There are many different ways to create omnichannel outreach in your business. One way is by sending personalized emails with relevant content that will engage customers and increase conversion rates, providing them with the information they're interested in while building trust at the same time.  

Another option would be through curated content which provides value for your audience as well as boosting SEO rankings on search engines like Google; this can also open up a conversation simultaneously so you don't have to wait one day before responding back resulting in better customer service overall!  

The last method we recommend using is social media management where it's easy for anyone within an organization or company to come across your business and outreach.

Omnichannel outreach is all about educating people, even if they are well aware of what they are doing. You can start to challenge their weak assumptions and pain points and present yourself as a reliable source of information for the problems they are looking to solve. This will make them listen and put trust in your business

 Sourcing information from your ideal client and retargeting them with that information to educate them in a field they’re already working in but not necessarily excelling at is a great way to get your foot in the door.

We live in a very noisy world, if someone is coming to you with a solution to your problem and you don’t have to search hard for it, you will be able to create a conversation.

Final Thoughts

Omnichannel outreach is the future of sales and marketing. It’s not just about your business brand, it's also about how you communicate with customers on their preferred channel. 

I was recently featured on a podcast episode with Outbound Metrics | B2B Outbound Sales. Thanks Morgan Williams for having me!


The episode features a conversation about what omnichannel means, client experimentation and how you can apply these principles in your own outreach strategy.

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