How Video Content Can Help Your SaaS Sales Funnel

by Vinny Hassan in July 6th, 2022
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You could miss out on an ample opportunity if you're not using video content in your SaaS sales funnel. Video content is a powerful tool to help you engage with your audience, build trust, and close more deals. Here's how you can harness the power of video content to boost your sales.

The Benefits of Video Content

Video content can be a potent tool in your sales funnel. It's visually compelling and captures attention far more effectively than standard text or images alone. Best of all, it allows you to build trust with your target customers.

When you produce well-crafted videos, you can showcase what sets your company apart and the team behind it. You can even provide customer testimonials as social proof, which helps to reinforce the idea that your product or service is trustworthy and reliable. 

On top of that, research shows that video content is more memorable than text-based content, resulting in longer-term retention. Videos are also easy to share on multiple platforms like YouTube, and social media, allowing greater reach and potential for engagement with a broader number of people. While YouTube is the most common media platform for sharing, Loom and Tella would seriously benefit from recording videos on a high-quality level.

Overall, investing in quality video content can play a huge role in a successful sales strategy. With the right kind of video marketing, you can reach new heights and ensure your message is seen by those who need it most!

How to Use Video Content in Your Sales Funnel

Now that you know the benefits of video content, let's look at how you can use it in your sales funnel. A typical sales funnel has three main stages: awareness, interest, and decision. Here's how video content can boost sales at each stage.

Awareness Stage: 

The awareness stage of the purchasing journey is essential for any company trying to reach more customers. At this stage, potential buyers first become aware of your product and start learning about what you offer and how it can benefit them.

To tap into this opportunity, businesses should use video content to educate their audience about their product or service. Explainers, demos, and tutorials are excellent tools for doing this; they allow companies to showcase features and benefits in a powerful way that appeals to their target audience.

Videos can then be hosted on video-sharing sites such as YouTube, Loom, or VideoAsk and linked from websites and social media accounts, helping to ensure maximum visibility and engagement with each user.

By creating engaging explainer videos and using them strategically during the awareness stage, brands can increase their online presence while educating potential customers about the advantages of choosing them over competitors. This can, in turn, lead to higher conversion rates and better long-term customer relationships.

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Interest Stage: 

The interest stage is critical to any sales funnel. It's the moment when potential customers actively seek information about your products and services. The key to success during this step is providing helpful resources that inform and educate visitors simultaneously.

Video content is an ideal way to capture their attention and provide valuable, engaging content in a format that people enjoy consuming. Tutorial videos, case studies, and customer testimonials can give potential customers helpful information as they research your offer.

Shareable video hosting platforms like Vimeo or Wistia make it easy to embed these videos onto relevant pages of your website, so they're quickly and easily accessible. Remember, successful conversions begin in the interest stage; help to build trust with high-quality video content today!

Decision Stage: 

The decision stage is a crucial part of the customer journey when potential customers evaluate your product or service to decide whether to invest. At this stage, it's essential to provide prospective buyers with the necessary information to make a sound choice.

Video content can be beneficial in this regard — you can create videos that explain pricing models or answer frequently asked questions. Hence, potential buyers know exactly what they're getting into when they purchase.

That's why it's important to host these videos on platforms like YouTube and Vimeo; this provides easy access to all the information prospects need right at their fingertips, so they won't have to search for answers when deciding.

Linking these videos from your website or social media profiles also helps potential customers discover them more easily as they weigh their options. With thoughtful video content tailored specifically for the decision stage, you can ensure that buyers can make informed choices about buying from you confidently!


If you're not already using video content in your SaaS sales funnel, now is the time to start! Video content is a powerful tool to help you engage with your audience, build trust, and close more deals. By creating informative explainer videos, helpful tutorial videos, and compelling customer testimonials, you can take your sales funnel to the next level.

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