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I had the pleasure to work with the GR team and if I have to summarize the experience: a fast-paced co-learning experience that focused on hypotheses and experiments. What I liked the most is that the team is fast and we’re able to achieve a lot in a short period of time.

Kevon Cheung

Kevon Cheung

Co-Founder & CEO - Toasty.ai


How We Work?

Our B2B email marketing process is methodical & data-driven.

The goal is to identify the 'right' cadence & message as per the respective persona.

We get this done by tracking & measuring everything from day 1.


Stage (1) - Ideate

As an experienced email marketing agency in san francisco we first help you clearly define your target audience & break it up into specific personas.

After that, we brainstorm relevant messaging per persona and create an email marketing strategy unique to your business.

As we are doing this, our team will start setting up your email infrastructure based on your requirements. This includes domain/IP warmup and the necessary tools.


Stage (2)- Experiment

Once messaging and the audience is decided, we begin experimenting with different cold email marketing techniques.

To do this we, launch 'micro' B2B email marketing campaigns and review the results in a qualitative manner.

The goal is to identify (with data) messaging that resonates with the respective audience/persona.

We will also identify which marketing channels complement your email campaigns (eg. Social, content, landing pages, ads).

Combining email with other channels drives up conversion by nearly 3X for SaaS companies we’ve previously worked with.


Stage (3) - Scale

Once the right cadence and messaging have been identified.

We focus on the 'winning' campaign(s) and amplify our email marketing process.


Stage (4) - Optimize

As a B2B email marketing company in san francisco we optimize and measure for one metric - prospects that are interested in a conversation (for outbound) or number of purchases/activations (for email marketing)

This is done by frequently reviewing a campaign’s performance to understand why we got these specific results and extrapolate valuable insights.

These learnings are utilized in the launch of the next campaign ...and the process begins again!

GR is a trusted partner when launching outbound campaigns. We consistently get cold email open rates ranging from 40% to 80% & Click Through Rates from 15% to 35%. The main thing is we are getting 10 to 25 conversations with prospects that we would have never been able to in the past!


Nelio Leon

Founder - Urban Monks


What Does Our B2B Email Marketing Service Include?

As a team of skilled email marketing service providers, we help B2B SaaS companies in the following ways:

  • Creating and developing well-designed B2B email marketing campaigns
  • Improving and expanding your email channel through personalization, segmentation, and advanced targeting
  • Using the latest B2B email marketing techniques and advanced technologies for building scalable campaigns
  • Curating and executing email programs, their management, reporting, and optimization across the entire buyer journey of your target clients
San Francisco

B2B Email Marketing in San Francisco

With over 8.8 million residents, San Francisco is the third-largest urban economy and home to some of the popular businesses like Levis Strauss, Dropbox, Mozilla, Yelp, Twitter, Uber as well as a startup nursery. It’s the city’s business friendliness that has lead to the massive tech boom here, making it one of the strongest business communities in the USA. As the most vibrant city to do business, businesses are turning to B2B email marketing in San Francisco to compete with other businesses.



  • What is the difference between cold email outreach & marketing emails?

    Cold email outreach is to communicate with people you would like to know. Similar to a cold call - but instead of using a phone you are using email. You are using a specific mailbox(es) to communicate with your prospects

    Marketing emails are the emails you get from a company when you opt-in for a subscription of some sort. This could be a daily/weekly newsletters, receipts, reminder emails etc.

  • Cold emailing marketing seems spammy - what are you doing to make sure your emails land in the inbox?

    Cold emailing is a powerful tactic. Unfortunately many do not know how to use it properly. We are used to being mass emailed from overseas companies that hold no relevancy.

    We do not do that.

    We research your industry, understand your value proposition and communicate that to your ideal prospect.

    We have a specific methodology to ensure your emails land in the inbox. In short, it comes down to 3 things one must do.

    (1) Properly setup your domain records and warm it up

    (2) Make sure your prospect data list is clean, up-to-date and relevant

    (3) Make sure your messaging is relevant to your prospects

  • Are you using any proprietary tools?

    We use a variety of existing well-known SaaS products to set up & manage your campaigns. A complete tool list will be shared on our onboarding/kick-off call.

  • How much does your agency charge & how does it work?

    It is simple. Once a scope of work is agreed upon - we set up a monthly retainer. Our agency fees start at USD 2000 per month and increases based on the scope. We recommend to work together for at least 3 months. As this allows us to go through our process properly.


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