Create The Best Sales Pitch Deck In 6 Simple Steps

by Ayhan K. Isaacs in March 1st, 2022
Sales Pitch Deck

The top sales professionals understand that they are only as good as their skill to communicate the benefits of their service or product. You can undoubtedly make total sense with lots of words. However, few things are more potent than solid visuals. Sixty-five percent of the population learns best through visuals such as illustrations, videos, or live material.

A sales deck is the best way to bundle that graphic content. A great sales pitch deck will complement your talk path, keep your customers involved, and provide framework and continuity to your sales pitch if done correctly.

Here's how to create your best sales presentations ever:

What is a Sales Pitch Deck?

A sales pitch deck is a presentation created in Google Slides, Apple Keynote, or PowerPoint to assist you in selling your service or product. It's an addition to your flawless sales pitch that's generic enough to use in most circumstances, while also leaving room for personalization so you can tailor it to each potential client.

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A sales pitch deck is an integral component of sales enablement because it makes easier to close contracts. You will have everything you want to tee up your product's features and benefits, as well as some plain objection-handling graphics and cues for thorough discussion, with a well-constructed deck.

What is a Slide Deck Comprised of?

Your sales pitch deck should contain no more than the number of slides required to close the contract. There is nothing less or more. Each slide in your deck should be customized to the client and free of fuzz or redundant information when possible.

Below are some essential slides to consider if you want to how to make a pitch deck:

• Hook Slide:

A significant initial slide that describes why you're there and what results your target customer is looking for.

• Pain Slide:

A swift prompt of the issue they're attempting to resolve (preferably, in their own terms).

• Social Proof Slide:

Show how someone met their objectives using your service or product.

• Value Slide:

Display what is possible and how valuable it would be to achieve this outcome.

• Solution Slide:

Include an outline of how you can add value to the prospect's life and address their issues.

• Options Slide:

Describe each option, including desired outcomes, cost structure, and distinguishing factors.

Factors to Consider While Creating Sales Pitch Deck:

Best pitch decks of all time are more than a step-by-step breakdown of your goods or solutions. Your sales deck is simply a vehicle for taking target clients through that story.

• Business details:

Company information slides should highlight your overall value offering, customer solutions, and key differentiators. A minor part of your sales deck should focus on how your solution answers the prospect's concerns.

• Product or solution information:

Every sales deck presentation should include details about the product or service you're trying to sell. These slides should not get caught up in features. But, instead, visualize and effectively communicate the value your solution offers to overcome the prospect's challenge and achieve the goals you've already recognized.

• Plans and challenges of prospect:

Using slides in your sales pitch deck to visualize or define the challenges your customer is facing not only keeps them engaged. It also demonstrates your investment in their business, but it also makes it easier for them to connect later when they see your solution.

• Proof points:

Value is frequently tricky to articulate. Case studies, testimonials, and trust marks are excellent to include to support your talk track and confirm that worth.

• Call to action:

If you're working with several decision-makers who may not be present at every meeting, sales decks are terrific takeaways. It is essential to keep the conversation moving forward by including appropriate call-to-action in your sales presentation.

call to action

Six Simple Steps to Build Best Sales Presentations Ever:

Building a good sales deck takes time and effort, but it pays off in the end. What's more, it shouldn't be stagnant. Your sales pitch deck will evolve along with your service or product.

Step 1: Incorporate interview:

Anything you do in marketing should be customer-centric. Sure, you can acquire some of that via customer research, reviews, or educated assumptions. But nothing beats getting it right from the source. Request your client for comments. Inquire about what they liked and disliked. The more the customer is engaged, the better.

Step 2: Tell a story that works for you:

Tell prospects what it's like to work for you. Describe the outcome and the benefits of using your product or service.

Eventually, you intend to elicit feelings from them. Get them excited about a future free of their current problems or full of fresh prospects. Telling a narrative is the most excellent way. Make them trust your product's story.

Step 3: Less is more:

The best pitch deck examples aren’t there to stress or confuse customers with data. It's to make the transaction feel effortless. Adding too many variables or overselling will likely drive away potential customers.

Keep your slides clean and straightforward. Include only the necessary number of slides, and make sure each one makes sense. When in question, cut or combine the slides.

Step 4: Make the social proof slide compelling and relevant:

If someone in their shoes made the purchase decision and was pleased enough to give positive assessment, you should incorporate that in your slide show. However, ensure that it is related to their condition and only use the most excellent social evidence in your collection.

Step 5: Create a unique sales pitch deck for each customer:

Alternatively, it feels more personal when you spend time to personalize your sales deck with the buyer's name or their business name, insert some graphics that apply to them, and remove any unrelated slides. It demonstrates that you are invested and concerned.

Step 6: Improve your graphics:

Most people understand best through visuals, so collaborate with marketing group to create breathtaking graphics for your sales slides. The fewer wording and screen grabs there are, the better. Save that for your sales pitch or demo.

Sales Deck Examples:

You can always make your sales pitch slides, but a little insight can help make the creative juices running:

• Lead Crunch:

Check out Lead Crunch's clever leading slide, which shows the other industry powerhouses. The following slides paint a picture of the market's history and where it's headed before concluding with outcome slides, social proof, and tailored pricing packages.

Link: Sales Deck by LeadCrunch

• Front Communications:

Consider this deck's excellent start, which starts with the challenge and then backs it up with statistics. It continues with competitive management and research proof and an extensive list of graphics that offer the value of its company to potential clients.

Link: Front series A deck by Mathilde Collin


A sales pitch deck is becoming a more critical component of digital sales. As target clients are exposed to an increasing number of sales decks, creating memorable presentations to support your sales pitch can help your brand stay top-of-mind and, as a result, close more deals.

While each company's sales deck will tell a different story, the essential components and design methods will help convey those stories remarkably and effectively.

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