7 Benefits of Infographics for Lead Generation That Are Unknown

by Ayhan K. Isaacs in February 25th, 2022
Benefits of Infographics for Lead Generation

Infographics are getting more and more popularity these days. They are being used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, and many others. But what are they exactly? Why are infographics effective and what are the benefits of infographics for lead generation?

What are Infographics?

Infographics are basically graphics that provide information to the viewers. The word “infographics” is actually a combination of the words “information” and “graphics”.

So, you can say that infographics is a type of visual communication that captures the attention of people and improves their comprehension of certain topics or ideas.

What Are Infographics?

At present, infographics have become the broadest description for visual communication forms that involve the use of copy, data, or both in graphics. Everywhere you go, there is a chance for you to see infographics. They can be found at the grocery store, doctor’s office, dental clinic, and school, among others. They are also in magazines and of course, on websites.

In general, infographics fall into three categories:

1.  Information Design:

These infographics are graphic design subsets that focus on information display. It is a pretty broad category that encompasses a lot of design disciplines.

2.  Editorial Infographics:

These infographics include bars, charts, lines, as well as shareable content.

3.  Data visualization:

These infographics are basically visual representations of data. They features aesthetic designs to improve data comprehension, recall, and synthesis.

Likewise, the styles of infographics typically fall under the following categories:

1.  Animated:

These infographics are animated. They are usually in the form of infoGIFs or GIFs. They are ideal for tutorials and online articles.

2.  Interactive:

These infographics require input or action from the viewers. They are ideal for huge data sets.

3.  Static:

These infographics do not move. They are ideal for articles, blogs, print, and brochures. They can make art, photography, illustration, and paper craft more interesting.

How to Use Infographics for Lead Generation?

 Use Infographics for Lead Generation

You might be asking “What is the purpose of infographic for lead generation?”

Well, lead generation is a vital marketing activity because it signifies the beginning of a possibly fruitful relationship with customers in the future. Then again, you have to keep in mind that leads do not just fall onto your lap. You have to outdo your competitors as well as cater to the changing needs and behaviors of consumers.

The following are some of the lead generation infographics that are common nowadays:

Infographics for Blogs:

You can use infographics in your blog posts to generate more leads. They will help you make your blog posts more visible online. What’s more, you can optimize these infographics to boost your search engine optimization. With better SEO, the authority and traffic of your website will improve. See to it that you also promote infographics as either a part of a content or as a stand-alone content.

Infographics for Third-Party Websites:

You can also reach out to third-party websites that specialize in the curation of content. A lot of website administrators accept guest posts. They are willing to publish infographics if the topic is relevant to the theme of the website.

Infographics for Social Media:

Another reason why infographics are effective is because they are used in social media platforms. They are able to boost engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If you are on these platforms, you can have more prospects for lead generation. Aside from using visuals on your content, you should also include share buttons so that people can share your content with others.

7 Unknown Benefits of Infographic in Lead Generation:

The following are the top 7 benefits of infographics:

1.  They attract the attention of people:

People are mostly interested in data that involves figures, statistics, and numbers. Through infographics, you will be able to compile data more easily as well as make it more appealing to viewers.

2.  They generate more traffic:

Compelling and beautiful infographics naturally drive traffic to a website. Each share or click means one more person viewing your content. Keep in mind that people are generally drawn to visual content. If you use infographics, they will be more inclined to share it.

3.  They prove that you are an expert:

When you use infographics to share knowledge, you get to position yourself as an expert. You also get to increase the credibility of your brand.

4.  They are easily understood, remembered, and read:

One of the greatest infographic benefits you can enjoy is better readability and audience impact. Just think of your content. No matter how sensible or informative it is, it will not create as much impact as a content with infographics. If you want to attract the attention of people and make them remember you, you need to give them something visual.

5.  They are ideal for search engine optimization (SEO):


Visuals are generally more worthy of sharing than mere texts. So, when people click and share your infographics, your website becomes more prominent on the search engines and its ranking becomes higher.

6.  They are easy to embed:

Infographics are portable and have an embeddable design. You can easily embed codes with your infographics so that they can share your content directly on their web pages. The embedded infographics will then link back to your website and bring in more traffic.

7.  They are easy to analyze and track:

You can easily monitor your infographic success as well as find out if using infographics is indeed effective for you through the key metrics that are associated with your infographics. You can track the clicks on your calls to action and the views on your landing pages. You can also track how many conversions you are able to have as well as how many times your content is shared on social media.


Now that you have read about the fundamentals of why infographics work for lead generation, you can go ahead and try using them for yourself. If you still find yourself asking “What is the purpose of an infographic for lead generation, you can do more research about it, and then put your theories into practice. If used properly, infographics can really boost your online presence and draw more people towards your website.

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