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by Ayhan K. Isaacs in March 15th, 2022
practices of B2B outbound sales campaign

Not every time fish need to get stuck in your thorn itself. You have to make some effort to attract it towards the thorn. You also have to make the same effort to attract your customers to the business. If the Leading businessmen had also waited for the leads to come by themselves, they might not have been at this stage today. Best practices for B2B outbound sales campaigns have the potential to almost double your sales ratio. Today outbound sales are not limited to cold calling only. In the modern era, both the nature and speed of communication have become excellent. The popularity of social media platforms has also made them budget-friendly.

Choosing the right outbound sales strategies is essential if you want your business to reach heights of success. Otherwise, you can be deprived of its full benefits. There are many differences between the statements of sales experts. It depends on business to business. The nature of some businesses is such that the clients themselves keep looking for them. Outbound sales are the only means of fulfilling your sales desire with the least investment. Outbound sales is a great option when it comes to the B2B sales approach. But without a proper strategy, the outbound sales will be unable to give you the results you want. Through this content, we will discuss every important thing related to outbound sales.

So that you can be inspired to make the right policy and pave the way for the fulfillment of the objective. Some of the best practices can help you with successful outbound sales campaigns.

What are Outbound B2B Sales?

All sales-related activities in the B2B business are divided into two main categories. A few of them take part in inbound sales and the rest all come under the outbound sales category. In a b2b business, you need to approach maximum customers. Outsourcing is the only way that can maximize your sales number in fewer efforts. Outbound b2b sales mean you will not wait for the leads to come towards your business. You will make strategies and take steps to get your customers. First of all, it is very important to know what is outbound sales? So let's get deeper into B2B sales.

You must be knowing that in B2B sales, representatives have to follow a longer cycle than in B2C. Also, it becomes important to approach faster than other representatives do. Sometimes representatives have to pitch the customers who have already interacted with other representatives. So the level of challenges is higher but the opportunity to increase your leads is better. You need to expand the level of your outsourcing and reach to meet your goals. Cold calling and door-to-door sales are a few methods are prevalent since ancient times. But now the importance of social media has been kept in mind. Under which social media outsourcing and email marketing, online-offline engagements have also been included in outbound sales. In business-to-business sales, you need to sell your product to another company. You know well that due to tough competition staying limited with inbound sales can lead you to lack desired sales number. Best practices for B2B outbound sales campaigns give desired results in sales.

Some tools are trending to improve the results of outbound sales campaigns, such as;

  • Autodialer
  • Click to dial from CRM’s room
  • Local presence dialer
  • Voice mail automation

Along with tools as an outbound sales representative you need to take the following steps:

Lead identification:

Manual lead generating process and many popular sales software are used to acknowledge your lead. In this step, you interact with many businesses to find out the genuine one for your product.

Lead generation:

lead generation

Once you identify your customer it is time to use cold calling or sending emails to generate leads. As a sales representative, you can also take the help of social media platforms, emailers, and massages. Contacting and sharing useful product information plays an important role in lead generation. B2B outbound sales campaigns are good to interact and get a database of maximum people at the same time and cost.


First of all check the current status of your lead. A cold lead can be converted into warm leads. Similarly, warm leads can be converted into hot leads. Don't just get settled down with a single effort of cold calling. Extend the usage of your outbound sales strategies. Use many other sources like texting, emailing, and direct meetings to make conversions possible. Only your passion and outreach for outsourcing can help in this regard.

Efforts to source sales:

Once you feel your client is interested in buying it's time for your achievement. Boost up your outbound sales strategies and make your sales procedures are easier. The more he will feel convenience the faster you will be able to source your sales.

Closing the deal:

Be thankful to your customer and don't forget that you are an outbound sales representative. Once you close the deal ask for more references. A referred lead takes less time to get closed. Keep using 7 best practices for B2B outbound sales campaigns to get a faster response.

close the deal

Importance of B2B outbound sales:

Who doesn't like to choose a cost-effective and short-medium to increase sales? As a B2B sales representative, you must choose outbound sales campaigns. It will reduce the lengthy procedure that B2B sales include. Outbound sales are the second name of expanding the level of direct customer approach. Many advantages of outbound sales campaigns can give a boom to your lead generations and conversions. 

1) Direct targeting:

In inbound sales, you completely rely on the lead that will come to you. But outbound sales is an opportunity to directly interact with a customer beyond the data limit. Despite wasting your time with junior authorities you can directly consult with the decision-makers. That will save your time and improve your confidence level to interact with seniors.


2) Quick response:

Outbound sales are preferred by B2B marketers because of their faster performance. In this technique, you don't have to wait for the response of your visitor. Despite wasting your time you take action to approach your customers directly. Quick response s known as the best outbound prospect in B2B. 

3) More leads than a database:

Relying on inbound leads limits your sales to a particular number. But outbound sales allow you to expand more and more. Outbound sales strategies give you a bonus of inbound plus extra outsourced leads.

4) Shortening the lengthy sales cycles:

Following a longer route while driving costs you extra fuel and time. The same thing happens in sales. You must choose outbound sales to cut off your expenditure on time and money. Interaction with the right authority and quick response support you with rapid deal closures. 

5) Research platform to bring new ideas:


Repeatedly following the same manner to respond to lead limits your skills. In this procedure, you wait and act according to your client’s response. But the techniques of outbound sales allow you to generate creative ideas. Even you try different tools and platforms to make things more powerful and impactful. 

6) Budget-friendly and time-saving opportunity:

The first rule of any business is to get earn more while investing less. So get more genuine leads at less investment of time and money with outbound sales strategies.

Only the right techniques of outbound sales have the caliber to lift the standard of lead generation and conversion into sales.

7 Best practices of B2B outbound sales campaign:

It is a fact that one should gain proper information about any technique before starting the procedure. Wrongly done works may result worst than the expectations. To avoid mistakes and risks in outbound sales you must follow the below-mentioned 7 practices.

1) Stabilizing:

What are your target criteria? You can not take the risk to pitch anywhere. Otherwise, you will come at the risk of getting blocked by free mailing servers. Also, it will result in time wastage. Identify your potential customers to establish your target criteria.

2) Targeted data collection:

Forget about depending on only manual data gathering sources. Identify a qualified lead with smart automation tools. Today Hunter, prospect.io, smart writer, and many more automation tools are available to support your data collection task.

3) Outreach plan preparation:

Never raise your steps without planning. It will prevent risks and also will give you a recovery backup. An outbound team with proper supervision performs 10 times better than others. Train your team about their outreach prospects. They must be clear about the tools they need to choose and other targeting criteria.

4) ABM strategy:

Do you believe in upselling and cross-selling? If not then start it from now. In B2B sales this marketing strategy performs like a holistic sales approach. Upgrade your skills with a generic approach and personalized touch with ABM strategy.

5) Personalized email campaigns:

It is every outbound sales representative’s dream to get a better response to emails and cold calls. Campaigns allow you to interact with a crowd. In such conditions possibilities of increased mail openings and replies become higher. So organizing such cold email campaigns will bring a better response to your business.

personalized email campaign

6) Cold calling strategy:

Determine the goal and potential prospects before you hit the opportunity. Do proper research to find out the right audience. Select the most suitable time slot for cold calling. Connect with proper product information to escalate the chances of conversion.

7) Social automation:

Social platforms are the best way to interact with maximum people under less time and budget. Social selling is trending as many platforms like Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook provide automation services. Higher conversion rates are possible by using these social sales platforms. 


Top concern of B2B business is to control the investment material and maximize the rates of conversion. All that is possible with outbound sales strategies only. If you find yourself unable to perform all that independently, you can hire a team. Also, some reputed agencies provide their expert services at the lowest cost. Bu,t don't take the risk to attempt outbound sales in the wrong manner. If it has the power to grow your sales rapidly then a wrong step can destroy all your efforts too. 

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