How Growth Rhino Built Spate's New Sales Channel to Drive Growth

Growth Rhino has been an extension of the Spate team — always seeking out new opportunities and sharing best practices for success. The team has helped us create a new channel for sales that brings in consistent opportunities and revenue"

Yarden Horwitz, Co-Founder of SPATE [YC S'18]



Beauty & SaaS Software

Spate (YC S’18) uses advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to detect patterns in large amounts of unstructured data in order to analyze the types of products being bought by consumers. It then suggests what people are most likely to invest in so you can plan and stay ahead in your business. Spate can be used to guide product development for international retailers, manufacturers and brands in a way that's never been possible before. They are all about making businesses more aware of their consumers' wants.



People growth

The problem Spate has been facing is gaining more people to subscribe and sign up to their software. As Spate is mainly based around their dashboard there are many negative connotations that can come with that, eg. being difficult and hard to learn/use. Spate and Growth Rhino have been working together to fix the problem of getting in front of their target audience with the right messaging and consistently running outbound campaigns. 



Growth Rhino's Campaign Strategy

To combat Spate's problem, we ran outbound campaigns to their ideal customers. We tested and optimized copy accordingly so that the product would reach its target customers in an authentic way with just enough information about it needed for subscription and interest consideration. Targeting specific sectors at a time allowed us to refine this process while also identifying new ways of generating prospect lists as well as creative messages across campaigns.


Takeaways & Results

Through the campaigns we have been able to define a process to gather efficient prospects and leads across the beauty industry. The copy has shown good results across campaigns and has converted to meetings being booked and interested prospects reaching out. Growth Rhino have been happy with the progress so far and are keen to continue creating better results in future campaigns.

Over the past 9 months Growth Rhino launched over 50 outbound campaigns to reach & educate over 6000 prospects. Getting an average open rate of 55% , Click Rate of 25% and 5% response rate. We were able to generate a significant amount of awareness within our target accounts, get over 100 interested replies and build a healthy pipeline of opportunities. 

The learnings from the Spate campaigns have been about projecting the right messaging to the prospects. Understanding the audience to understand their pain points and what will intrigue them to reply and subscribe to Spate. Through the running of campaigns we have tried different approaches such as leading to book in demonstration calls, trials on the platform and shown how impactful Spate could be for a business. Learning the key points that the industry needed solved gave us the right approach to focus the outbound campaigns.

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