How Growth Rhino Helped Peekage Build An Outbound Engine To Book Meetings with Ideal Prospects

Growth Rhino is an outstanding resource for any company that wants to hit the ground running and build a strong foundation for prospecting. They helped us formulate multiple prospecting strategies and gave us advice on all the stages of our sales funnel. They also made us aware of new categories that we should be pursuing. They are great partners overall!"

Milad Zabihi, Founder of Peekage [Techstars Toronto, 2020]



SaaS + Consumer + Beauty+ CPG

Peekage is a digital sampling product platform focused on the beauty, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and SaaS industries. Peekage allows companies to reach their target market through personalized samples of products which are delivered via mail or app. This allows their customers or users to experience a sample of their products before buying them. Peekage offers real-time data analytics for companies that want insight into how many people are experiencing these samples based on demographics and automated sample request campaigns.



Booking more meetings

The problem Peekage faced was booking more meetings with ideal prospects and generating overall awareness of their services. The founder has limited capacity so they hired Growth Rhino as a specialist to help book more meetings, as well as an Account Executive, who will work the leads that come in from marketing efforts and close them into actual revenue opportunities for the company.



Growth Rhino's Cold Email Campaign

To solve this problem, Growth Rhino ran outbound campaigns to the company's ideal prospects and played around with different messaging until collecting enough data from the experimentation we could see what worked and the approach they Peekage needed to take in order to close more deals and be in front of the right potential customers. 


Takeaways & Results

The key results that Growth Rhino saw was booking in over 100 meetings with Peekage's ideal prospects. This was a great triumph for the outbound campaigns that were run. The performance showed an average open rate, response rate, click through rate and interest level. With average across the board this is a good result to come away with. 

Growth Rhino is happy with the team for their hard work and dedication to experiment and find a solution. The client now has a more detailed understanding of what they need to do in order to be successful. The key results from these outbound campaigns show an average open rate, response rate, click through rates and interest levels which are all promising numbers for Peekage moving forward.

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