How Growth Rhino Helped Educhain Book More Meetings During The Pandemic

“The support and expertise of the Growth Rhino team was essential to securing new leads, and continuing our exponential growth. This all led to our recent acquisition by a Canadian Private Equity Firm."

Mark Balonev, Founder of Educhain [Techstars Hub71, 2020]



SaaS + EdTech

Educhain developed an innovative approach to issuing academic certificates and diplomas. They help institutions issue digital documents which are as accurate, secure, and verifiable. Without the expensive cost of printing them or space needed for storage. The company was founded on the principle that education should be accessible to all learners who desire it; their mission is "to partner with every online certification" so they can continue making higher education opportunities available internationally.



Lack of meetings with prospects

Educhain wanted to identify and secure more meetings with prospects. Their ideal customer were registrars & leadership roles in universities and colleges in U.A.E., Canada & United States. The Founders knew they couldn't do everything themselves, which is why Educhain brought on Growth Rhino. The team's expertise in outreach, booking meetings and generating awareness to their ideal prospect.



Growth Rhino's Campaign Strategy

The campaign strategy Growth Rhino created was to identify the personas and messaging for the ideal prospects. Educhain needed a way to reach out with highly targeted messages, so we ran several campaigns that were specifically tailored towards these people. With this type of marketing approach, it's all about listening closely in order to know when you need to adjust your strategies depending on how successful they are for different groups of customers and to ensure the highest possible conversion rate. 


Takeaways & Results

Growth Rhino outreached to over 1800 prospects and 500 targeted accounts. Each account had up to 3 personas.

The average open rate of 57% with a 12% response rate, and 3% interested rate.

Educhain was able to secure 50 meetings and build a very strong pipeline of revenue.

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