Rebuilding The Entire Outbound Process From Lead Generation To Closing Deals

“We tried doing all sorts of things in the past to drive growth. Growth Rhino was able to crack this problem and build a scalable system that works. We were able to gather insights from all these experiments. These findings allowed us to understand our prospects & customers more and build an outbound program that fits their needs & requirements."

Aram Melkoumov - Co-Founder & CEO



Professional Services for SaaS

Crowdlinker is a product studio that builds digital products for scale-ups and enterprises. Their services cover everything from design, full stack development and product management.



Not able to drive opportunities

Crowdlinker was reliant on referrals since they started. They tried to activate some marketing channels and tried various initiatives but were not able to drive more opportunities. They wanted to figure out how to build an engine that can drive qualified leads and build a pipeline of opportunities. They also needed help understanding the buyer journey and building an overall sales process.



Growth Rhino's Campaign Strategy

Growth Rhino set up multiple outbound campaigns and experimented heavily with messaging & different initiatives. After 12 months of hard work - we identified a multi-channel program that combined outbound, email marketing, social media and content to drive demand. 

Growth Rhino also facilitated the implementation & use of Hubspot for visibility and email marketing purposes.


Takeaways & Results

The engine that Growth Rhino conceptualized and built can be attributed to over 50 opportunities and a pipeline value of over 50 opportunities with a value of over $2M in a 12 month period.

Booking meetings for professional services is very different from SaaS companies. The services space is mainly driven by relationships and/or trust in the agency’s subject matter expertise(...which is discovered via search or some educational asset).  Lastly you cannot force the need for a service it is about being patient & top of mind across your audience.

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