Prospecting Candidates For Open Roles

“The Growth Rhino team was a breeze to work with. They were super organized and very detailed. We learnt a lot from our time working with them. I'd recommend their team."

Adam Gellert, Founder and CEO




HiredHippo is an online platform that helps candidates connect with Canadian companies hiring and allows companies to find talent on any budget.



Converting users

HiredHippo wanted to reach out to potential candidates looking for jobs in Canada, and recruiters in search for off-market talent. Through educating the prospects, the goal was to convert them into users.



Growth Rhino's Cold Email and LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

Growth Rhino launched targeted cold email outreach campaigns to candidates currently looking for jobs in Canada, using LinkedIn for supplementary research. The copy was made to resonate with pain points candidates typically feel during the job search process.


Takeaways & Results

Over the course of our outreach, we launched 8 experiments and contacted nearly 8,000 prospects.

Our click open rates averaged 72.56% and click rates were about 38.84%. 

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