Bringing In Consistent Interested Responses

“You can tell that this is Growth Rhino's expertise. They set up all systems quickly and were running the program in no time. They kept in close communication and had a pulse on the performance and insights. I appreciated their support and insights!"

Adrienne Fuller, Director of Content Marketing



Non Profit

Givebutter is a free, transparent, and modern fundraising platform for nonprofits. It allows nonprofits to raise money, track their data, and engage with donors in one platform.



Decreased market share

Givebutter wanted to increase their market share by targeting more upmarket clientele, and educate nonprofits about their offerings. They wanted to specifically target users currently using competitors to educat about their better offering.



Growth Rhino's Campaign Strategy

Growth Rhino built a cold email engine and helped them get 4 responses a week.


Takeaways & Results

Through our cold email outreach, we build a scalable engine that can send out over 3,600 emails a week.

In under 3 months, we’ve run 4 different experiments to learn more about the ICP, all with an open rate averaging 79.06%.

After contacting nearly 4,000 prospects, have generated over 24 interested responses.

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