How Growth Rhino Generates 20-25 Meetings A Month

“Growth Rhino has been a strategic partner and key contributor to our expansion into the North American market. We've been working with them for over a year and they are able to consistently generate 20-20 meetings a month for us. Some of our biggest clients are leads from Growth Rhino. They understand best practices, are quick to respond, and take a genuine interest in our success."

Amber Milos, Marketing Executive



SaaS SalesTech

Fincent is the easiest and most efficient way for small businesses to manage their bookkeeping.  In Addition to financial software, Fincent helps small businesses tackle administrative tasks, so they have more time to put back into their business.




Fincent wanted to reach out to small businesses that resonated with the problems Fincent was solving, at an international scale. Through educating the prospects, the goal was to convert them into users and change their internal approach to bookkeeping.



Growth Rhino's Cold Email Campaign

Growth Rhino launched targeted cold email outreach campaigns to small businesses from varying geographies. The copy was made to resonate with pain points small businesses typically feel around bookkeeping and accounting.


Takeaways & Results

GrowthRhino built a scalable engine, able to send out 14,400 emails a week.

Throughout the course of outreach we ran 27 experiments, and contacted 101,045 prospects.

Our average open rate is 73% and have generated 278 interested responses.

Additionally, one of our cole emails converted into a partnership opportunity for Fincent. 70 companies under their network signed up for a 3-month subscription (valued at nearly $34,000 USD).

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