Booking 250+ Meetings Using Email & Linkedin Outreach

Growth Rhino brought in fresh ideas and helped build out our processes, which allowed us to focus on closing deals."

Gary Amaral, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Breadcrumbs [YC S'21]



MarTech + SaaS

Breadcrumbs is a revenue acceleration platform. They want businesses to do the lead scoring outside of the box. Their platform adapts with businesses and their strategies, unlike others. The concept is to allow you to implement and interarte in minutes for free.

Their mission is to give revenue acceleration. They want to try and enable 2,000 companies - which at 500 free leads per month will be a cool 1,000,000 leads scored on a monthly basis- to take it to the next level and be the first early adopters of this new modern take on lead scoring.



Decreased meetings

Breadcrumbs had an issue with booking meetings and showcasing their platform in a way to encourage people to sign up and test it out. Attracting their ideal prospects was an important aspect.



Growth Rhino's Cold Email and LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

To run different outbound campaigns and branding in order to find the right one that will resonate with their potential clients. Using cold email outreach and LinkedIn automation. 


Takeaways & Results

As a result at the beginning we didn’t have a great response rate from the cold email outreach, we only booked about 4 meetings through email. Once we had enough data determining this was not the best route to get in touch with Breadcrumbs ideal prospects we tried another avenue. It was only when we focused on LinkedIn and started to use LinkedIn Automation we booked over 250+ meetings, which was an astounding result to achieve. 

Growth Rhino has been very happy and learnt a lot about how important it is to know where and how to target prospects for specific industries. Working with a platform such as Breadcrumbs has opened up a lot of insight and has allowed us to gain an abundance of knowledge going forward with other campaigns. 

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