Building a Pipeline of Opportunities Before Product Launch

“Growth Rhino was instrumental in developing & managing our go to market. We needed to book meetings with our ideal prospects before launching to the public"

Lee Gladish, Founder of AirborneApp



SaaS SalesTech

Airborne is a sales engagement platform built for sales agencies. Traditional sales engagement products are built for a sales teams. Agencies are considered power users and require a different set of features & workflow. Airborne was built t address the list of problems agencies face when running their client's outbound campaigns.



Building a Beta List of Agencies

Airborne wanted to build a beta list of agencies that resonated with the problems Airborne was solving. These include agencies like lead generation, ABM, BPO, email and many more. Enabling them to actively gather user feedback on the product and convert some of these early adopters into customers.



Growth Rhino's Cold Email and LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

Growth Rhino launched targeted cold email outreach campaigns to these agencies. The copy was specific to a number of different pain points. Cold email was supplemented by some manual linkedin outreach that was being done by the CEO.


Takeaways & Results

Over the course of 3 months. Growth Rhino was able to book book over 40 meetings with their ideal prospects which ended up becoming beta users.

The beta users had a pipeline value of over $100,000 worth of opportunities. Allowing Airborne to have a very successful product launch and generate revenue straight away.

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